Beverage Analyses

Analytical Packages

Analyses listed below are for both non-standard alcoholic beverages (e.g. RTD beverages, Kombucha) and non-alcoholic beverages


Parameter - Method - Price

pH* - Electrochemistry - $7

Brix* - Refractometer - $7

Density/Specific Gravity* - Digital Density Meter - $7

Conductivity* -Electrochemistry - $7

Turbidity*- Nephelometer - $7

*=Accredited Test



Parameters: Alcohol by volume

Method: Anton Paar Alcolyzer

Price: $28

Alcohol - Cream

Parameters: Alcohol by volume - dairy/cream based samples (e.g. kefir, coconut kefir)

Method: Skalar Segmented Flow Analysis

Price: $28

Note: In accordance with CFIA regulations beverages containing 1.1% or more alcohol by volume must declare the percentage by volume of alcohol contained in the product.

*=Accredited Test

Sugars Analyses

Sugars Profile*

Parameters: Glycerol, Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose, Maltose, and Lactose

Method: HPLC-RI

Price: $44

Note: Not available for Cider Samples or fruit samples containing high levels of sorbitol

Total Reducing Sugar*

Parameters: Total reducing sugar reported in g/L sucrose

Method: Skalar Segmented Flow Analysis

Price: $28

*=Accredited Test


Parameters: Caffeine

Method: HPLC-DAD

Price: $53

Organic Acid Profile

Parameters: Oxalic, tartaric, malic, lactic, acetic, citric, succinic acids


Price: $50

Phenolic and Anthocyanin Analysis

For fruit analysis - e.g. Haskaps, blueberries

Parameter: Total phenolic content (Gallic Acid Equivalents)

Method: Spectrophotometer, Folin-Ciocalteu assay

Price: $33

Parameter: Total anthocyanin content (expressed as the primary anthocyanin equivalent for the type of sample)

Method: Spectrophotometer, pH differential assay

Price: $33

Synthetic Dyes

Synthetic Dyes*

Parameters:  Indigo carmine, tartrazine, allura red, amaranth, sunset yellow, fast green, brilliant blue, erythrosin B

Method: HPLC-UV-Vis

Price: $66

Health Canada permits the above listed synthetic dyes in unstandardized alcoholic beverages

*=Accredited Test

Yeast Analysis

Parameters: Yeast count and viability

Note: Analysis intended for yeast cultures and product under fermentation. Not recommended as a method to make sure that product is free from yeast prior to bottling. Limit of quantitation is 50,000 cells/mL.

Price: $44