Beer & Hops Analyses

Analytical Packages

We have state-of-the-art analytical equipment and extensive experience in developing new analytical methods.  Analyses offered for beer and hops can be found in the following drop down menus. ALAB subscribes to the American Society of Brewing Chemist methods. Please contact us if you require analysis that is not listed. For available Mead analyses, please see the Wine & Cider page.

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Parameter - Method - Price

pH* - Electrochemistry - $7

Density/Specific Gravity* - Digital Density Meter - $7

Conductivity* - Electrochemistry - $7

Turbidity* - Nephelometer - $7

*=Accredited Test



Parameters: Alcohol by volume

Method:  Anton Paar Alcolyzer

Price: $28

*=Accredited Test

Acids Analyses

Organic Acid Profile

Parameters: Oxalic, tartaric, malic, lactic, acetic, citric, succinic acids


Price: $50

Single Organic Acid

Parameter: One of the above listed organic acids (e.g. lactic, acetic)


Price: $28

Total Acidity*

Parameter: Total acidity

Method: Skalar - Segmented Flow Analysis

Price: $28

Volatile Acidity*

Parameter: Volatile acidity

Method: Skalar - Segmented Flow Analysis

Price: $28

Sorbic Acid*

Parameter: Sorbic Acid


Price: $22

*=Accredited Test

Sugars Profile

Sugars Profile*

Parameters: Glycerol, Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose, Maltose, and Lactose

Method: HPLC-RI

Price: $44

*=Accredited Test

Metals Analysis


Parameters: Arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, copper, and lead

Method: Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Price: $94

If samples are not to be provided in their final packaging, please use new, clean, plastic containers.

*=Accredited Test

Ethyl Carbamate

Ethyl Carbamate*

Parameters: Ethyl Carbamate (Urethane)

Method: GC-MS-MS

Price: $143

Ethyl carbamate is a spontaneously forming compound that has been deemed carcinogenic by Health Canada

Please allow a 10 day turn around time for this analysis.

*=Accredited Test

Calories and Carbohydrates

Parameters: Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein, Alcohol by Volume

Method: Alcolyzer (NIR/DMA) - Alcohol and Real Extract; ASBC and AOAC methods for Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein, and Ash.

Price: $94

Total Sulphur Dioxide

Total SO2 *

Parameters:  Total SO2

Method: Skalar Segmented Flow Analysis

Price: $33

Beer: Total SO2 down to 2.5 ppm. Beer containing more than 10 ppm must be labeled as containing sulphites.

*=Accredited Test


Parameters: Caffeine

Method: HPLC-DAD

Price: $53

Bitterness (IBU)

Parameters: Iso-Alpha Acids

Method: HPLC-DAD

Price: $33

Hops Analyses

Alpha and Beta Acids

Method: ASBC Hops- 6 & 14- Toluene Extration + HPLC-DAD

Price: $50

Hops Storage Index

Method: ASBC Hops- 12 - Toluene extraction and spectrophotometry

Price: $17

Moisture Content

Method: ASBC Hops- 4C -  Air Oven

Price: $33

Hops Analysis Package

Parameters: Alpha and Beta Acids, Hops Storage Index, Moisture

Method: ASBC Hops- 6 & 14, 12, and 4C

Price: $77

Sampling Instructions:

Obtain a representative sample of ~100g. Dry cones (10% moisture), pellets, or wet hops are accepted.

  • Representative samples should be taken from at least 4 locations depending on sample type
  • In the yard – select from different plants and locations
  • Post-harvest/palletization – select from bottom, top, and sides of piles
  • Post bagging/baling – choose samples from multiple bags or bales and positions within
Yeast Analysis

Parameters: Yeast count and viability

Note: Analysis intended for yeast cultures and product under fermentation. Not recommended as a method to make sure that product is free from yeast prior to bottling. Limit of quantitation is 50,000 cells/mL

Price: $44